The Ultimate Guide To Camping

So the summer months are coming up and it’s the perfect time to go camping, be it with your family or even with a few friends. If you aren’t the most camping savy person in the world then you may want to take a read through this article.

#Where To Go

You don’t have to be the most survival savvy to go camping nor do you have to travel the world. Some of the best camping sites may even be in your home town or less than an hour away. If you want a more relaxed feel to your camping trip whereby you can chill and relax with your friends and family then why not visit some commercial camping sites that are offered by companies like Havens or Center Parcs. If you want a more extreme experience however then look for smaller companies that offer camping sites near forests or even search for a location yourself. When you are looking however always remember to consider about the towns and tourist places nearby that you would like to visit.

camping destinations

#What To Bring

There’s always a problem when it comes to going camping and that is that you want to bring everything with you, but obviously you can’t. There is however a knack to what you bring and that is packing the essentials and multipurpose items. Clearly one item you can’t forget to bring is the tent! The rest is not so easy but here are a few that you’ll definitely want on your shortlist.camping gear

  • Camping Stove: A camping stove, which you can purchase from most travel shops, is great for the odd meal or two; in fact you’d be surprised what you can whip up. It is comprised of a griddle and hob and is run on gas. With these you’ll be a regular camping chef.
  • Camera: When camping, there’s some amazing memories to be had – you’ve got to pick the best trail camera to get the best results!
  • Basic Essentials: There are some tools that are great for camping and serve many purposes. For you’ll be surprised on how much you rely on lights once you have to use a lantern. Matches, gas or a lighter are also something you will heavily rely on whether it is for a light source, for heat or when it comes to cooking. Finally do not underestimate the benefits of knives when you are camping. They double up as cooking utensils and for the extreme can help with hunting. Of course there are no shortage to choose from whether you want the single purpose Pocket Knife for camping or the more practical tools like a Swiss Army Knife or a Multi-Tool.
  • Sleeping gear: If you’re hoping to travel light then a roll-mat will be your best friend and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re into luxuries though many camping shops sell blow up beds that could even beat your own. Of course a sleeping bag is necessary and compact making it easy to carry.
  • Total Fishing Tackle Gear: Fishing gear is a big essential when packing for your camping trip. With no wifi, you need to find fun things to keep you occupied throughout the day and fishing is just that so be sure to not leave your fishing gear behind.