If you love traveling like me, then these books will guide you to some wonderful destinations in the world.

11500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference (Frommer’s), by Andrew Mersmann

This is a very interesting book as it shows you how you can serve communities, at the same time have a wonderful trip to some unique places around the world. For example, you can care for the orphans in Delhi, India; teach English to kids in Salvador, Brazil; or track dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii, etc. The book costs £12.99.

12Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Experiences for a Lifetime, Published by Wiley Publishers

If you are looking forward to discover some breathtaking tropical paradise, then this book is a must read. You will get about 1,000 ideas on your dream tropical holiday. The book costs £15.99.

13Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World, Published by Lonely Planet

This book of 448 pages covers every country in the world. This is a comprehensive guide for your holiday. You can easily choose your holiday destination from this book. The price of this book is £40.00.

14Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips, by Tom Hall

This book will be your guide to having the best trip of your life. You will get tips on the best deal, how to upgrade in airlines and hotels, how to have an eco-friendly trip, how to have a safe road journey, etc. It will only cost you £4.99.

These unique books will show you different ways of enjoying your holiday. You will discover places that you have never heard of before.