4 Great Tips to Travel on a Budget

Traveling can be expensive. But it doesn’t mean that only the wealthy people can travel. There are ways in which you can make a budget trip with your friends.

#1 Accommodation

You should choose a hotel that is cheap; at the same time provides good service. If you are traveling alone then you can book hotels that are meant for backpackers. There are a number of hotels with shared bathroom and bedroom facilities, just like in the hostels.

#2 Save on air and land travel

It is often cheaper to begin and end your journey in the same city. You can make your plans early and book airline ticket several months earlier; that way you will get a cheaper ticket. Also, if you are traveling by road, you can plan your trip in such a way that you make most of your journey during the night so you don’t have to pay for your hotel.

However, if you are traveling with your family, especially with children, this won’t be possible. But, if you are alone or with friends, then you can save a lot of money this way. If you are traveling in groups then you can hire a car; that will save you money.

#3 Restaurants and Food

Tourist spots are usually expensive. Ask the locals for suggesting you a good restaurant that is not very expensive. You can also eat where the local people eat, avoiding the tourist spots. Instead of eating at restaurants all the time, you can also buy sandwiches, salads, chicken, rice, etc. from supermarkets. There are some hostels that have kitchens; so you can cook food on your own and save money.

#4 Attractions, Tours and visits

When you visit a place, you will find many tourist spots that offer free admission. These include parks, museums, etc. Visit those places instead of going to places where you need to buy expensive tickets. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place. You might have free entry or discounted entry to some places at a particular time of the week or month; try to utilize those times.

You need to plan your travel ahead. In order to have a great holiday, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It all depends on your mindset and the amount of money you are willing to spend. If you do have a bit of money to spend on your travels you may want to book attractions and visits such as aqualand tickets from Algarve Fun. They may cost a bit of money but are well worth it!


#5 Footwear

This is where you don’t want to compromise on budget, (I talk from experience). Half way through my trip I decided to invest in top end footwear (it’s SO important) Check out Hi-Tec’s Mens & Womens Hi-tec’s before you go travelling!

Top 7 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars to stay in a room just for a night? Well, there are many people who would do that. Here are the most expensive hotels in the world.

#1 Lover’s Deep, St. Lucia – £150,000 Per Night

You won’t be mistaken if you actually call this hotel a submarine! A full crew sails through the ocean and takes you to depths where you can have a peaceful sleep. You can get lovely views of the underwater life.


#2 Hotel President Wilson, Geneva – £65,000 Per Night

It’s Royal Penthouse Suite is the most luxurious and largest suite in the world. It has 12 marble bathrooms, gym, grand piano, billiards table and many more. Through the large windows you can view the most beautiful alps. The windows are bullet proof so you can enjoy what nature has to offer you without worrying about your personal protection.


#3 Hotel Cala Di Volpi, Italy – £45,000 Per Night

It is situated on the Island of Sardinia, Italy. It is an awesome Mediterranean resort, whose Presidential Suite is something you should be aiming for. It has a private swimming pool, gym and the unique solarium so that you don’t miss the sun outside.


#4 Palace, India – £45,000 Per Night

The most expensive Presidential Suites here is the Maharaja’s Pavilion. It is a four floor apartment. The Maharaja used to live here long time ago. The hotel is very lavishly decorated. You will spend the night like a king in this hotel.


#5 Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece – £40,000 Per Night

There is a heated indoor pool, fitness room, private butler, 24 hour limo service with chauffer, etc. You will get shopping assistance and spa recommendations. A guide can be assigned to you who will help you to look around the city.


#6 Laucala Island Resort, Fiji – £40,000 Per Night

The hotel is situated in a beautiful island. The owner of the resort is Dietrich Mateschitz, who also owns Red Bull. In order to stay in this resort, you will need official invitation from Dietrich. The resort is best known for activities like water skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skis, kite-surfing, golf and horseback riding.


#7 The Four Seasons, New York City – £30,000 Per Night

It is situated in one of the best locations of New York. You get a Roll-Royce car with chauffeur, a personal butler, and also a personal trainer! There is a lovely library with great collections of book. If you are s fan of reading, then you will have an amazing time here. Through the windows you will see the fantastic view of New York City. The suite is situated 800 ft above the ground.


The one night cost of these hotels is more than the price of a car or the deposit of a house. These hotels are meant for those who don’t feel hesitated to give up everything in order to feel the luxury and lavishness life has to offer.

3 Top Sites for Comparing Flight Prices Online

The best part of Internet today is that it provides you solutions to everything. Unlike before, you don’t have to call up different airlines to know their price. There are many websites now which compare the prices of different airlines and gives you the best deal.

#1 Skyscanner


Skyscanner has a very simple interface and so user finds it very easy to search. You have a number of options for filtering results; for example by number of stops or takeoff times.

You can know how long the layover of a particular flight is. You can search the cheapest ticket to a country without mentioning the name of the city. For example, if you are going to Germany and not sure to which city then it will show you the cheapest flight to any city.

It will also show you the cheapest price over a month or even over a year’s period. This is an extraordinary feature, because usually with other websites the fare changes very often, so it becomes difficult to make your plan. The app is available for iOS, Android, Window, BlackBerry and Kindle devices.

#2 Expedia


This site provides discounts on all their flights. They also reward their loyal customers. Whether you are looking for airline ticket, hotel booking, vacation package, or tickets to theme park, you can get discounts on everything. You can also book tickets for cruises, local car rentals, etc.

The site offers coupon codes which is another way of saving money. These are in the form of promotions and by using these codes where appropriate, you can save a lot of money. The reward system allows you to redeem points and by collecting more points you can even get a free airline ticket! You can get travel insurance from here as well. You can visit Expedia with your Windows, Android or iOS.

#3 Kayak


It’s search interface has been redesigned recently to give a better customer experience. This site searches many sites and finds the cheapest price for you. It filters results automatically and only shows the flights you want to see. You get many different ways to filter your searches. There is a slider system which allows you to adjust your takeoff times.

You can also adjust the layover you can handle at the most. There is a new price graph that indicates whether the prices may increase or decrease in future. It’s fee calculator is a very effective tool. Along with the ticket prices, it adds the check-in luggage and credit card fees to give you an exact figure.

If you search for both airline and ticket, then you will be able to know how much you can save by booking both together instead of booking them separately. You can run Expedia on Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows devices.

So, if you are looking for the cheapest flight, hotel or other deals, these three are the best sites to look for. The ranking of these sites are based on customer reviews, so you can count on them.