Helping Aussies Kickstart their Time in the UK

If you’re an Aussie and you’re considering moving to the UK then you’re going to need a little help. We can give you all the help you need with our great guide that covers just about everything an Aussie needs to make the move.

There are plenty of questions we always get asked by Australians who are interested in relocating to the UK. They all want to know how to open a bank account, what a national insurance number is, and how to transfer their money. That’s why we put together the guide to take care of these problems for you and let you just enjoy starting your adventure in the UK.

Applying for a National Insurance Number

There are websites that offer a great NINO service that takes all the hassle out of applying for a national insurance number. When you let them get your national insurance number you avoid any mistakes and get your number as quickly as possible.

They contact the Department of Work and Pensions on your behalf after you arrive to the UK as part of the service. We have the DWP send us the necessary documents you need for your application and then they pass them on to you to fill out. After you fill out the forms you send them back to them and they make sure there are no issues or errors before submitting them for you. They take the stress out of getting a national insurance number.

Opening a UK Bank Account

When you open your UK bank account the bank will require you to visit them for a face-to-face appointment.  Arrange one with one of the two biggest banks in the UK; Lloyds and HSBC. Arrange for the appointment as soon as you get into the UK so there’s no delay in you getting your bank account.

Transferring Your Money from Australia to the UK

Move your money to the UK from Australia using 1st Contact Forex. This secure service insures your money is transferred safely to the UK not leaving you with empty pockets on your arrival.

Finding somewhere to stay

Staying in Hotels long term can be very expensive. Why not live in luxury with Ivy Lettings in and around London. Hotels have become obsolete for longer stays and services that allow people to rent homes are the best option for anyone new to a country. Many of the house owners pass their details to the occupants so they can ask any questions  about the area.