Check-list for Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad seems to have never been easier, and because the world has become such a small place, we can be at our destination in just a matter of hours. However, even though travelling is easy nowadays, id still doesn’t mean that you can travel without a care in your mind. There are still some things you ought to do before you go; they’ll make your travel easier and safer.


You can’t go anywhere without money, and that is why these things are really important to do before you leave your home. First, you ought to see what the exchange rate of the currency you’ll be using in your destination is, and that way you can’t be scammed. If you’re planning to use your credit card, make sure it works in the country you’re going to, and if the local ATMs there would take it. Also, clear everything with your bank before you go.

Health and Safety

Make sure you visit your doctor before you leave in order to make sure you’re fit for travel. Also, make sure if the country you’re visiting accepts your insurance, or would it require you to pay a huge amount of money for a tooth fix.

When it comes to your safety, you’ll really be care-free is you just register at your country’s embassy, and you’ll be easy to track down in case of something bad happening. Make sure you make several copies of your passport and bring them with you in case your real one gets stolen or lost, and leave one of the copies at home with someone you trust.

Travelling to Europe? be sure to apply for a european health card, also known as EHIC.


Be sure to carry an extra set of clothes for your vacation. It is also wise to do some research about the destination country’s weather and traditions. However, no matter where you go you should pack your Paul Twice watch, so you never lose track of time. You should really respect the clothing traditions, because in some countries not respecting them could lead to a fine of even some prison time.

Finding a great place to eat at your destination country might not be that easy, and that is why it’s wise to pack some snacks for your journey. This will allow your stomach to remain partly full, until you find that special place where you’ll try the local cuisine.


The power voltage is not the same in each country, and that is why you ought to look into that before you go. If the voltage is different, your mobile phone charger won’t work, and you’ll have to buy a new one to fit the voltage. Make sure you charge your mobile before you leave your home, because it will give you some time to find a new charger without having your mobile battery run out.

Learn About Your Destination

We’ve already mentioned that you ought to learn some stuff about your destination country, but here we mean really doing some research about the country. See what are some of the events taking place there that you could visit, read about the landmarks, learn if you need or where to buy tickets to these events, etc.