Camping Tips For Those Who Don’t Like Camping

There are a lot of upsides to going camping but not everyone enjoys it. Some people also just have a negative opinion of it. Who wants to sit in a tent in a field for a week? There’s a lot more to camping than that. If you’re having trouble converting people to camping or you’re wary about giving it a go the following camping tips for people who don’t like camping should be a big help.


One major turnoff is bathrooms. A bad bathroom experience can ruin camping forever. Avoid campsites that don’t have good personal hygiene areas, especially if you’re the kind of person who needs to start your day off with a personal hygiene routine. It’s a good idea to camp at a national or state park. Find one with a shower house nearby or look to get a portable shower head recommended by Showerheadly. There are also sites that have electricity so you can still use your electrics like alarm clocks.

Flying to the Campsite

If you’re flying to the campsite then take the tent with you on the flight. Put it in a large back with your sleeping bags, pillows, and other camping items. They compress better than you’d think. When you’re going back home you might find it’s easier to just ship all of that back home using UPS. Pick up a short-term use Styrofoam cooler when you arrive because it’s cheaper than taking a big cooler with you.

Eating While Camping

You can cook just about anything over a campfire just by wrapping the ingredients up in aluminium foil and cooking them on the coals. Use a stick to take it out when you’re done. All you really need is paper plates that you can then use as kindling in the fire the next time. Along with utensils of course!


One of the major complaints people have about camping is sleeping comfortably. Here’s how to comfortably sleep in a tent. Start out by gathering leaves and put down a thick layer where you’ll be putting the tent.

You should be picky about where the sleeping bags go. Never skimp on where you sleep because how rested you are can make or break a day before it begins. Find a well-padded patch to put your bag.

Also invest in a sleeping bag pad. This is essentially a super thin air mattress you place under your sleeping bag for extra comfort. The final and most important thing is to open up the windows on your tent. The clean and fresh outdoors air helps you sleep and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.


One of the main benefits of camping is that it saves you money. The longer your trip the more money you’ll save. An overnight camping trip will just feel like a major hassle but the longer your trip the more time and money you save and the better you feel about camping. It might be cheaper and easier to stay in a hotel overnight but nothing is cheaper than a long camping trip.

One last perk about camping is just the sheer beauty of the nature you’ll be surrounding yourself in. The national and state parks provide you with an air and beauty that no hotel in the world is going to match. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view like that?