Blake HarrisonHi! I’m Blake Harrison.

This is a travel blog for those who want to see the world. I have gathered for you all the information you need to make you trip to your favorite destination a memorable one. In this blog, you will find information and links on the best hotels and restaurants. You will learn how to make your travel plan properly.

You will know how to get cheap airline tickets. You will get information about some good travel agents so that you get to see the best of the place you are visiting within your allocated time. Whether you are going for a holiday or a business trip, traveling abroad is expensive. It must be, therefore, planned well so that you make the best use of your money and time.

I’ve traveled to more than 40 places around the world. I’ve traveled in different styles; from staying in an expensive hotel to staying in a budget hotel. I know how to select a good hotel or a restaurant. I know how to adjust to a new land. I’ve shared all my valuable travel experiences here in my blog. Hope you will like it.