Vaping Juices to try for your next trip

Today, because of the high, insistent demand of the vaping world, there are so many manufacturers who create and mix their own unique flavors to satisfy the needs of the consumers. If you try to browse online for different e-juices from Tank Puffin, then you will have a wide array of options. Now, what are the most competitive brands which comes first on the line when it comes to electronic cigarette juices? Well, this article will bring you two of the famous names of e-juices industry.

The Five Pawns

This name started in the heart of the Southern California vaping scene. Five Pawns is an established brand which has its own story to tell. The name is taken in comparison of the pawn used in the chess which always move forward. In creating the e-liquids, Five Pawns decided to start with five premium flavors which is basically common to human taste—sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. These flavors hit the market because it has easily satisfied the consumers all across the globe. To date, Five Pawns have been constantly innovating their products and services to produce a desired blend of e-liquid. Remember that all these blends produced is a result in a 50% VG / 50% PG combination and come only in 30ml bottles. Flavors are comprised of both artificial and often natural base ingredients and we offer each flavor in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

  • Insignia Series

The series are known to have a well-balanced taste of smoothness and savory symmetry. The Insignia Series is made exclusively with the finest ingredients sourced domestically and locally. All liquid is made in the state of California.


  • The Limited Edition

Since Five Pawns are renowned for its flavor-rich insignia series, they also strive to step forward in improving their unique limited edition liquid vapors. The flavors which are in this edition is meticulously made by hand to satisfy the need of the customers. Try these flavors and explore the exciting delight of your five senses.


  • Mixology Edition

The mixology edition is created with an imaginative feel. The bottles are wisely and carefully mixed with different blends to upgrade the kind of liquid they already have. Five Pawns’ Mixed edition is offering a wide range of elaborate blends that takes one, superior flavor. Like any other products under this brand, they vary in flavor combinations and nicotine levels.


Black Flag Fallen

This product label is highly represented with its super-premium, artisan-boutique retail juices. For over the years, they have been known to formulate excellent e-liquids in the market in fact, statistics show that there are a number of consumers who always seek for this brand because of the juice quality and the multitude of flavorings they offer for vapers. Moreover, they do not only offer extraordinarily rich but refined e-liquid flavor blend but simple pleasures in a very competitive price bracket. So if you want a traditional blend, then for certain this can suit your taste but if you want a superb blend and a modern flavor, then you can always get one with Black Flag Fallen.