Affordable travel this summer holidays

If you are a travel lover, you will always want to visit several interesting place with your friends and family. But while making a plan for any outing with your family or associates, the first consideration is money. Thus, make contact with some reliable tourist company who will make you visit interesting places at an affordable rate.

The summer holidays

While planning to take a trip to any sites, you have to take some facts into consideration. And the prime aspect is money. Therefore, if you want to visit your desired places at an affordable price, you have to make contact with some excellent tourism company. MayDay is amongst the excellent tourism companies who offer some great amenities and facilities to their clients. You can easily deal with them when going someplace.

Summer holidays are extremely interesting. People will love to visit hilly area or sea side. The cold breeze by the side of the ocean and also the icy touch of the mountains will make you feel nothing short of mesmerizing. Despite visiting such places being a rather expensive affair you are not left without an option but to waste your holiday at your house. Numerous choices are there to enjoy the summer holiday. Listed below are some such choices

Work abroad

Working abroad can be an option for you this summer. Sounds confusing? Well, if you are a travel lover and do not want to waste your summer holiday by staying at home there is an option of working in any overseas nation. Do a little bit of work out of the country. In addition, you can enjoy your summer holidays easily by spending your spare time over there. Thus, apply for any brand of per time job in any place in a foreign country and enjoy your summer vacation.

The volunteer vacations

If you can’t discover any job then maybe you can volunteer the time effectively. There are numerous associations that let you apply as a volunteer anyplace for a period that ranges between a couple of days and the whole summer. In return, you’ll get food and lodging and the chance to travel while serving additional people. Natural farms are an instance of places where you’ve the option of doing such volunteer voyaging.

House-sitting and Visiting pals and members of family

If you can discover any place to house sit for somebody who is voyaging somewhere else then all that you have to arrange capital for is the cost of the ticket. Check formal house-sitting projects and classified promotions to discover this sort of chance. Numbers of people out there want to deal with an agency that they can rely upon. MayDay is amongst the popular companies who provide some amazing offer to their clients. Subsequently, you can easily rely on the company and can have an excellent trip to anyplace at a rate that’s reasonable.

If you know individuals around the globe who have a lounge chair that you may easily crash on you are in with a chance of having some truly moderate journeying this summer season. Make an inquiry to see who will be accessible and might want to have you as a company. You would be stunned on the number of companions who are going to be more than eager to bring you with them to visit their families.

What You Need To Avoid From Diving Insurance

Since the popularity of diving as a recreational activity, many insurance companies are now offering diving insurance both local and international with varying coverages. With so many diving insurance deals, it will not only be challenging to choose the right diving insurance but also require a thorough inspection to avoid choosing the wrong one. Here are the things you need to avoid from diving insurance.

  1. Inappropriate scope – Just because you have a diving insurance it does not mean you are insured in all your diving activities. Diving insurances have different specifics such as the location and depth. You need to get an insurance coverage which covers the location where you dive as well as the depth of the dive. The wrong insurance will make it impossible for you to raise a dispute once they deny your claim.
  2. Low coverage – Low coverage insurance will often have the basic coverage. This means that there are certain benefits which you will miss out with the diving insurance. Some diving insurance would have a small upper limit of coverage for hospitalization or property damage which could still make you spend a lot of money. You need an insurance which will cover the average hospitalization bills for diving mishaps as well as property replacement.
  3. Premium rate with low benefits – Some insurance companies would offer premium rates for small benefits. You need to balance out the rate of the insurance and the benefits you can claim from the insurance. You don’t want to find out that an expensive diving insurance won’t cover your hospital bills.
  4. Unregistered insurance company – The insurance industry is not safe from those people who want to take advantage of the demand. You need to determine whether the insurance company is legal or if it is unregistered. Unregistered insurance company would often scam their clients and will not provide the coverage making their clients lost money.
  5. Stacking policy – Some insurance coverage can be used along with other insurance coverage. However, there are also insurance coverage which cannot be claimed together with another insurance. You need to make sure that your diving insurance can be used together with your basic health insurance. This will guarantee that you will have lesser bills to pay with your own money.

Before you get a diving insurance, make sure to inquire on several legal insurance companies including Dive Master Insurance regarding their insurance coverage so you can choose the right diving insurance for your situation.


Electric Bike Buyers Guide

Some people feel that an electric bike is something they could never live with, while others love having a motor that keeps their bike going and helps you make it through a long trip like a commute in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. An electric bike also opens up your bike to a whole new world of possibilities. With the help of an electric motor you could use your bike to carry the shopping and get over hills without a lot of effort. We’ve compiled an electric bike buyers guide to help you choose the right electric bike for you.

Going With Pedelec or Twist ‘n’ Go

When it comes to electric bikes you’ll find there are two main types; a pedelec bike or a twist ‘n’ go.

Pedelecs are the most common kind of electric bike on the market. They monitor your pedalling; such as your pedalling rate, force, and speed, and they provide motor assistance as necessary to keep the bike running smooth.

A twist ‘n’ go bike on the other hand comes with a switch that you can use to turn motor assistance on or off. They have three settings; fully manual, pedal assistance, or full auto.

Weighing the Quality of the Bike Against the Quality of the Electrics

After choosing which kind of bike to go with you’ll learn there are three qualities of electric bike. The first is a poor quality bikes that have good electronics. These bikes are good if you’re already good with bikes, want to avoid spending a lot of money, but still want some electronic assistance to your riding.

The second is a good quality bike with poor quality electronics. This kind of bike is pretty much useless. You’d get the same results and save money with a conventional bike.

Then of course there are the all-rounders. These are good quality ebikes with good quality electrics. The overall quality will depend on how much money you’re willing to put down. A cheap one will come with some compromises but an expensive one should prove to be wonderful.

Choosing Between Hub and Crank Motors

A hub motor is a motor that is housed in the wheels while a crank motor is, as the name implies, mounted to the crank set. A hub motor is much quieter than a crank one but they are less powerful and are less capable of handling hills. Crank motors are more powerful but they might be too noisy. Choose whether you need comfort or power and go with the motor that gives you your choice.


When it comes to choosing a battery there are a few things you need to keep in mind;

  • Battery
  • The charge cycle (keep in mind that manufacturers like to overstate the effectiveness of their batteries)
  • Whether the battery is lithium or nickel based
  • The size of the battery; smaller batteries charge faster but offer less range, while larger batteries take longer to charge but also last longer

That’s pretty much all you need to know about choosing the right electric bike. So what are you waiting for? Pick up yours today!

Helping Aussies Kickstart their Time in the UK

If you’re an Aussie and you’re considering moving to the UK then you’re going to need a little help. We can give you all the help you need with our great guide that covers just about everything an Aussie needs to make the move.

There are plenty of questions we always get asked by Australians who are interested in relocating to the UK. They all want to know how to open a bank account, what a national insurance number is, and how to transfer their money. That’s why we put together the guide to take care of these problems for you and let you just enjoy starting your adventure in the UK.

Applying for a National Insurance Number

There are websites that offer a great NINO service that takes all the hassle out of applying for a national insurance number. When you let them get your national insurance number you avoid any mistakes and get your number as quickly as possible.

They contact the Department of Work and Pensions on your behalf after you arrive to the UK as part of the service. We have the DWP send us the necessary documents you need for your application and then they pass them on to you to fill out. After you fill out the forms you send them back to them and they make sure there are no issues or errors before submitting them for you. They take the stress out of getting a national insurance number.

Opening a UK Bank Account

When you open your UK bank account the bank will require you to visit them for a face-to-face appointment.  Arrange one with one of the two biggest banks in the UK; Lloyds and HSBC. Arrange for the appointment as soon as you get into the UK so there’s no delay in you getting your bank account.

Transferring Your Money from Australia to the UK

Move your money to the UK from Australia using 1st Contact Forex. This secure service insures your money is transferred safely to the UK not leaving you with empty pockets on your arrival.


Check-list for Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad seems to have never been easier, and because the world has become such a small place, we can be at our destination in just a matter of hours. However, even though travelling is easy nowadays, id still doesn’t mean that you can travel without a care in your mind. There are still some things you ought to do before you go; they’ll make your travel easier and safer.


You can’t go anywhere without money, and that is why these things are really important to do before you leave your home. First, you ought to see what the exchange rate of the currency you’ll be using in your destination is, and that way you can’t be scammed. If you’re planning to use your credit card, make sure it works in the country you’re going to, and if the local ATMs there would take it. Also, clear everything with your bank before you go.

Health and Safety

Make sure you visit your doctor before you leave in order to make sure you’re fit for travel. Also, make sure if the country you’re visiting accepts your insurance, or would it require you to pay a huge amount of money for a tooth fix.

When it comes to your safety, you’ll really be care-free is you just register at your country’s embassy, and you’ll be easy to track down in case of something bad happening. Make sure you make several copies of your passport and bring them with you in case your real one gets stolen or lost, and leave one of the copies at home with someone you trust.

Travelling to Europe? be sure to apply for a european health card, also known as EHIC.


Be sure to carry an extra set of clothes for your vacation. It is also wise to do some research about the destination country’s weather and traditions. You should really respect the clothing traditions, because in some countries not respecting them could lead to a fine of even some prison time.

Finding a great place to eat at your destination country might not be that easy, and that is why it’s wise to pack some snacks for your journey. This will allow your stomach to remain partly full, until you find that special place where you’ll try the local cuisine.


The power voltage is not the same in each country, and that is why you ought to look into that before you go. If the voltage is different, your mobile phone charger won’t work, and you’ll have to buy a new one to fit the voltage. Make sure you charge your mobile before you leave your home, because it will give you some time to find a new charger without having your mobile battery run out.

Learn About Your Destination

We’ve already mentioned that you ought to learn some stuff about your destination country, but here we mean really doing some research about the country. See what are some of the events taking place there that you could visit, read about the landmarks, learn if you need or where to buy tickets to these events, etc.

Camping Tips For Those Who Don’t Like Camping

There are a lot of upsides to going camping but not everyone enjoys it. Some people also just have a negative opinion of it. Who wants to sit in a tent in a field for a week? There’s a lot more to camping than that. If you’re having trouble converting people to camping or you’re wary about giving it a go the following camping tips for people who don’t like camping should be a big help.


One major turnoff is bathrooms. A bad bathroom experience can ruin camping forever. Avoid campsites that don’t have good personal hygiene areas, especially if you’re the kind of person who needs to start your day off with a personal hygiene routine. It’s a good idea to camp at a national or state park. Find one with a shower house nearby or look to get a portable shower head recommended by Showerheadly. There are also sites that have electricity so you can still use your electrics like alarm clocks.

Flying to the Campsite

If you’re flying to the campsite then take the tent with you on the flight. Put it in a large back with your sleeping bags, pillows, and other camping items. They compress better than you’d think. When you’re going back home you might find it’s easier to just ship all of that back home using UPS. Pick up a short-term use Styrofoam cooler when you arrive because it’s cheaper than taking a big cooler with you.

Eating While Camping

You can cook just about anything over a campfire just by wrapping the ingredients up in aluminium foil and cooking them on the coals. Use a stick to take it out when you’re done. All you really need is paper plates that you can then use as kindling in the fire the next time. Along with utensils of course!


One of the major complaints people have about camping is sleeping comfortably. Here’s how to comfortably sleep in a tent. Start out by gathering leaves and put down a thick layer where you’ll be putting the tent.

You should be picky about where the sleeping bags go. Never skimp on where you sleep because how rested you are can make or break a day before it begins. Find a well-padded patch to put your bag.

Also invest in a sleeping bag pad. This is essentially a super thin air mattress you place under your sleeping bag for extra comfort. The final and most important thing is to open up the windows on your tent. The clean and fresh outdoors air helps you sleep and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning.


One of the main benefits of camping is that it saves you money. The longer your trip the more money you’ll save. An overnight camping trip will just feel like a major hassle but the longer your trip the more time and money you save and the better you feel about camping. It might be cheaper and easier to stay in a hotel overnight but nothing is cheaper than a long camping trip.

One last perk about camping is just the sheer beauty of the nature you’ll be surrounding yourself in. The national and state parks provide you with an air and beauty that no hotel in the world is going to match. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view like that?

Vaping Juices to try for your next trip

Today, because of the high, insistent demand of the vaping world, there are so many manufacturers who create and mix their own unique flavors to satisfy the needs of the consumers. If you try to browse online for different e-juices from Tank Puffin, then you will have a wide array of options. Now, what are the most competitive brands which comes first on the line when it comes to electronic cigarette juices? Well, this article will bring you two of the famous names of e-juices industry.

The Five Pawns

This name started in the heart of the Southern California vaping scene. Five Pawns is an established brand which has its own story to tell. The name is taken in comparison of the pawn used in the chess which always move forward. In creating the e-liquids, Five Pawns decided to start with five premium flavors which is basically common to human taste—sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. These flavors hit the market because it has easily satisfied the consumers all across the globe. To date, Five Pawns have been constantly innovating their products and services to produce a desired blend of e-liquid. Remember that all these blends produced is a result in a 50% VG / 50% PG combination and come only in 30ml bottles. Flavors are comprised of both artificial and often natural base ingredients and we offer each flavor in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

  • Insignia Series

The series are known to have a well-balanced taste of smoothness and savory symmetry. The Insignia Series is made exclusively with the finest ingredients sourced domestically and locally. All liquid is made in the state of California.


  • The Limited Edition

Since Five Pawns are renowned for its flavor-rich insignia series, they also strive to step forward in improving their unique limited edition liquid vapors. The flavors which are in this edition is meticulously made by hand to satisfy the need of the customers. Try these flavors and explore the exciting delight of your five senses.


  • Mixology Edition

The mixology edition is created with an imaginative feel. The bottles are wisely and carefully mixed with different blends to upgrade the kind of liquid they already have. Five Pawns’ Mixed edition is offering a wide range of elaborate blends that takes one, superior flavor. Like any other products under this brand, they vary in flavor combinations and nicotine levels.


Black Flag Fallen

This product label is highly represented with its super-premium, artisan-boutique retail juices. For over the years, they have been known to formulate excellent e-liquids in the market in fact, statistics show that there are a number of consumers who always seek for this brand because of the juice quality and the multitude of flavorings they offer for vapers. Moreover, they do not only offer extraordinarily rich but refined e-liquid flavor blend but simple pleasures in a very competitive price bracket. So if you want a traditional blend, then for certain this can suit your taste but if you want a superb blend and a modern flavor, then you can always get one with Black Flag Fallen.

The Ultimate Guide To Camping

So the summer months are coming up and it’s the perfect time to go camping, be it with your family or even with a few friends. If you aren’t the most camping savy person in the world then you may want to take a read through this article.

#Where To Go

You don’t have to be the most survival savvy to go camping nor do you have to travel the world. Some of the best camping sites may even be in your home town or less than an hour away. If you want a more relaxed feel to your camping trip whereby you can chill and relax with your friends and family then why not visit some commercial camping sites that are offered by companies like Havens or Center Parcs. If you want a more extreme experience however then look for smaller companies that offer camping sites near forests or even search for a location yourself. When you are looking however always remember to consider about the towns and tourist places nearby that you would like to visit.

camping destinations

#What To Bring

There’s always a problem when it comes to going camping and that is that you want to bring everything with you, but obviously you can’t. There is however a knack to what you bring and that is packing the essentials and multipurpose items. Clearly one item you can’t forget to bring is the tent! The rest is not so easy but here are a few that you’ll definitely want on your shortlist.camping gear

  • Camping Stove: A camping stove, which you can purchase from most travel shops, is great for the odd meal or two; in fact you’d be surprised what you can whip up. It is comprised of a griddle and hob and is run on gas. With these you’ll be a regular camping chef.
  • Camera: When camping, there’s some amazing memories to be had – you’ve got to pick the best trail camera to get the best results!
  • Basic Essentials: There are some tools that are great for camping and serve many purposes. For you’ll be surprised on how much you rely on lights once you have to use a lantern. Matches, gas or a lighter are also something you will heavily rely on whether it is for a light source, for heat or when it comes to cooking. Finally do not underestimate the benefits of knives when you are camping. They double up as cooking utensils and for the extreme can help with hunting. Of course there are no shortage to choose from whether you want the single purpose Pocket Knife for camping or the more practical tools like a Swiss Army Knife or a Multi-Tool.
  • Sleeping gear: If you’re hoping to travel light then a roll-mat will be your best friend and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re into luxuries though many camping shops sell blow up beds that could even beat your own. Of course a sleeping bag is necessary and compact making it easy to carry.


Mountain Biking Ladakh | India Tour and Travel – A Complete Portal of East and West India Tour

Situated on the border of Tibet and translating literally as ‘land of high passes’, Ladakh is unsurprisingly one of the least populated regions of India, most of it being over an astounding 3000 metres above sea level. The sometime austerity is precisely what drives many to seek out mountain biking holidays there – that, and the complete dearth of other people and vehicles to be seen around. This really is a place to go for those who want to escape the more commercialised routes, which often, due to overuse, can actually prove more dangerous.

# Last Indian Village

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 16.52.25

You may still not want to be alone on the great open areas, but for many hardcore bikers it’s still much more desirable to find yourself out in the desert region than on major routes. The challenge you can expect should not be underestimated – but neither should a competent mountain biker find it offputting! On most of the routes you can take, the roads are up to 80% paved, and of course most of the fun of offroading is avoiding the paving and going on the rough. Much of the area is dominated by slopes, and by travelling across any significant stretch of Ladakh it’s possible to rack up a total climb equal to the height of Everest!

As far as sight-seeing goes, there are plenty of old Buddhist monasteries on view, as well as the stunning vistas afforded by such a high vantage point. Starting at the Tibet border, you can see right into this mystical and unique country, and travelling back firmly into Indian territory you can see right over some of the world-famous Kashmir region. Overall, cycling in Ladakh is certainly a unique experience; share it with a few friends and it’ll certainly be one you’ll never forget!

4 Great Tips to Travel on a Budget

Traveling can be expensive. But it doesn’t mean that only the wealthy people can travel. There are ways in which you can make a budget trip with your friends.

#1 Accommodation

You should choose a hotel that is cheap; at the same time provides good service. If you are traveling alone then you can book hotels that are meant for backpackers. There are a number of hotels with shared bathroom and bedroom facilities, just like in the hostels.

#2 Save on air and land travel

It is often cheaper to begin and end your journey in the same city. You can make your plans early and book airline ticket several months earlier; that way you will get a cheaper ticket. Also, if you are traveling by road, you can plan your trip in such a way that you make most of your journey during the night so you don’t have to pay for your hotel.

However, if you are traveling with your family, especially with children, this won’t be possible. But, if you are alone or with friends, then you can save a lot of money this way. If you are traveling in groups then you can hire a car; that will save you money.

#3 Restaurants and Food

Tourist spots are usually expensive. Ask the locals for suggesting you a good restaurant that is not very expensive. You can also eat where the local people eat, avoiding the tourist spots. Instead of eating at restaurants all the time, you can also buy sandwiches, salads, chicken, rice, etc. from supermarkets. There are some hostels that have kitchens; so you can cook food on your own and save money.

#4 Attractions, Tours and visits

When you visit a place, you will find many tourist spots that offer free admission. These include parks, museums, etc. Visit those places instead of going to places where you need to buy expensive tickets. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place. You might have free entry or discounted entry to some places at a particular time of the week or month; try to utilize those times.

You need to plan your travel ahead. In order to have a great holiday, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It all depends on your mindset and the amount of money you are willing to spend.


#5 Footwear

This is where you don’t want to compromise on budget, (I talk from experience). Half way through my trip I decided to invest in top end footwear (it’s SO important) Check out Hi-Tec’s Mens & Womens Hi-tec’s before you go travelling!